Homecoming Saga I: The Memory of Earth

It’s been 40 million years since the humans arrived on the planet they called Harmony. The colonists were leaving behind the Earth, a planet rendered uninhabitable and ruined. Now, on this new home, in order to be safe from themselves, the first settlers genetically modify their brains to be receptive to a supercomputer called “The Oversoul” that was let into orbit. It’s main duty is to stop the humans on the surface from developing advanced technologies, by making them lose thoughts coherence when a forbidden topic is being tackled.

Only, after all this time, The Oversoul is losing integrity. Satellites are faulty and they start to fall apart, making their influence weaker by each loss of hardware. Seeing itself incapable of fulfilling it’s purpose, The Oversoul must act and find a solution to the problem. The help can only come from the humans and only those who understand and accept what The Oversoul was meant to be.

Nafai is a fourteen years old, whose connection with The Oversoul is unusually strong. He’s the youngest of his siblings and his father’s favorite son – and that’s not something that makes him very popular among his older step-brothers. When he comes with the claim that The Oversoul is talking to him, things don’t start to improve for the inexperienced boy. But before having to think of helping the Oversoul, out protagonist and his father have to deal with a more pressing problem, as a guy named Gaballufix threatens to wage war and to destroy Basilica, the home city of Nafai and his family.

Despite not being a fan of Orson Scott Card’s views as a person- he is a bigot and a Mormon – and I’ve read that the series is patterned on the Book of Mormon (it went up to the point where some accused Orson Scott Card of plagiarism) the book stays on its own and are some of the best I have ever got the chance to lay my eyes on. His books are all full of moral lessons, pointing out strong family and person to person bonds. The Homecoming Saga is the first series I have read completely in English and one that kept me guessing about the outcome, right up until the last book. But we’ll get there, and I promise it won’t disappoint.


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